Key Components

Artificial Intelligence Power

Our proprietary AI engine is powered by several core algorithms continuously validate all ideas and insights that have been submitted on the platform. Not only do we validate and process data, our platform can intuitively use hundreds of learning algorithms to engage users, help them tangibly express their innovative ideas the best way possible, and then match these ideas seamlessly to other users, companies, and brands.



UCROWDME will be the new global standard for IP protection to the global citizen by copyrighting idea ownership during the idea and/or insight submission process via blockchain.
An additional secure measure in the UCROWDME technology solution is driven by leading blockchain-powered technologies that secures and protects all intellectual property created on the platform and establishing idea provenance.



The UCROWDME platform is a modern and agile software built with the highest level of insight to innovation, security and functionality.
We are a responsive and progressive web application that is built by some of the best technology leaders, architects, and engineers all over the world.
Our development teams are aligned with AWS in their Global Cloud Environment as a Certified Development Partner.



UCROWDME rewards global citizens based on their interaction and contribution on the platform and provides gamification to motivate and empower global citizens.
Gamification will help drive user adoption, motivation and rewards.
Citizens can now earn unlimited rewards in the shape of the UCM Tokens and/or UCM points, vouchers and discounts based on individual and/or team contributions.

Tech Concept

Technology Features